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NAB Day 1: badges, bearings and lighting

By Adrian Winter

I landed in Vegas just past noon, and arrived without incident at the Flamingo, America’s premier bird-themed Hotel and Casino. After a smooth check-in, I made my way over to the Las Vegas Convention Center for a look around before my first session of the week.

Not many people have arrived for the show yet, or if they have, they are not hanging around the convention center. This actually made it somewhat difficult to get my bearings, as there weren’t any droves of people to follow, nor any long lines, which I always just assume I should get in. In fact, there weren’t any lines anywhere. The place very much had a “calm before the storm” feel to it. The exhibitors were all smiles as they greeted each other. People at the information desks were not yet harangued and had time for a friendly chat. It was all quite pleasant. In minutes I had my convention badge and was heading to the North Hall.

This afternoon’s session was on Creative Lighting Techniques, and was presented by Eduardo Angel, a Brooklyn-based photographer and director. He led a discussion about the different ways that lighting informs a scene and showed a number of film examples ranging from Citizen Kane to Red (Kieślowski, not Willis), breaking down the lighting setups in each. He ended the session with a live demo of how to use just a few lights to create a wide variety of different looks in-camera. On the whole, it was a good balance between the creative and the technical, and as someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time behind the camera, I got a lot out of it.

Eduardo currently has four courses on Lynda.com, and his twitter handle is @ea_photo. Definitely check him out.

Jet lag was starting to set in as the session wrapped up, so I headed back to the hotel for an early dinner and plans to lay low and rest up for tomorrow.

Adrian Winter is the VFX supervisor at New York City-based Nice Shoes Creative Studio.

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