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NAB: CatDV’s Dave Clack previews upcoming new tools

Las Vegas — Dave Clack, CEO of UK-based CatDV, chatted with postPerspective during the NAB show about some new offerings the company was previewing at the convention.

One of those products is CatDV 11, which features a 64-bit architecture and a new playback engine supporting the latest broadcast formats and native Red Epic footage. These are enabled by the addition of player plug-ins for QuickTime, Libavcodec (the technology behind VLC and FFMPEG) and Red. The MXF wrapper option is also extended to include Red metaclip support.

CatDV 11 also features enhanced support for large installations with global metadata fields. At the same time CatDV 11 delivers key usability improvements including the introduction of colored labels in search results, to help make finding media even easier.

Also at the NAB show was CatDV Pegasus 11, the forthcoming version of the premium CatDV client, whose capabilities provides complete Avid workflow integration. A key feature of CatDV Pegasus 11 includes clip-level access control, allowing greater levels of custom access and control. It also includes a new range of audit trail, tracking and reporting options to enable even more detailed record-keeping.

The latest version of CatDV Pegasus 10.1, now shipping, adds support for hundreds of metadata fields and field definitions shared between Avid Media Composer and CatDV. The new release significantly improves editorial relinking and introduces MD5 checksums for content verification.

Square Box Systems, which owns CatDV, expects to ship CatDV 11 and CatDV Pegasus 11 later in the year. CatDV Pegasus also benefits with a price reduction.

CatDV also showed a significantly improved CatDV Web Client, which further extends deployment options including public and private cloud. New functions include the upload and download of CatDV assets (high-resolution and proxy), the creation of cut lists, shot lists and subclips, Final Cut XML export for simple integration with major NLEs, more sophisticated metadata search tools, and improvements to playback and marker handling.

CatDV Worker node, the automation engine that enables users to create  customized workflows and automate file processing tasks, features bulk edit capabilities, quick ingest and plus MD5 checksums verification.

See our interview with Dave Clack here:

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