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NAB 2015 Wrap-Up: The final days

By Will Rogers

That was quite a week. Wednesday and Thursday at the NAB Show were much less hectic than Monday and Tuesday — no long lines for freshly squeezed product releases or swaths of spectators with tunnel vision. But don’t be fooled… every day of NAB is jam-packed and fast-paced, but the latter part of the week brought more of a wander-and-observe atmosphere.

I forgot to set my alarm for the same time every day, so I got into Wednesday’s FCC keynote a
little late. I caught the tail end of Tom Wheeler’s talk, but after the crowd was released, I managed to snap a (Mr. Wheeler-approved) selfie. It was a little ridiculous on my part, but I really wanted a cool, genuine souvenir from my time in Vegas, even if it was a little blurry.

Will Rogers and Tom Wheeler

I stopped by SnapStream, where they were demo-ing their live TV capture/tagging software. They also had the infamous “Left Shark” from the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime show — I had to get a photo.

At the back of the South Lower hall, Axle Video had their media asset management software on display. Axle boasted a media asset management solution adaptable to most existing client storage environments — and iPad editing with online proxy of existing media assets.

Dolby gave me — and a few other members of the press — an overview of Dolby Vision, their new color and brightness standard for television sets. The Vizio Reference series TVs will feature 21 stops of dynamic range and Rec 2020 color space, versus conventional TVs with Rec 709 color.


Sonnet’s Palm Drive

Sonnet’s new Fusion PCIe SSD Flash Drive is a Thunderbolt 2 flash drive with up to 1200MB/s transfer speeds. Sonnet also noted that the drive connection is based off of PCIe Generation 3, as opposed to the widely used Generation 2. This means that when current Thunderbolt 2 ports on the computer end of the connection get a hardware upgrade, the Flash Drive can potentially double its transfer speed.

Divergent Media showed off a couple of their flagship software-based applications for my demo session. ScopeBox provides customizable desktop video capture, and previewing with waveform, vectorscope and several other ways to visually analyze video. EditReady is a hardware-accelerated transcoding application with metadata editing, LUT application and transport stream conversion.

24i showcased their customizable TV app creation and implementation workflow. They demonstrated a clean UI for clients needing media distribution, along with an array of apps tailored to help distribute client content to major TV-viewing devices like Android, Apple devices and smart TVs.

CatDV 11

CatDV 11

CatDV develops SAN solutions, archiving software and media asset management tools. They were keen on showing off their desktop client software, which has highly flexible and customizable logging, tagging and organizational tools. A key feature of CatDV is its functionality as a panel within Adobe Premiere, and it’s not just a standalone application.

ProMax’s centerpiece was the Platform Portable, a portable server for on-set editing workflows. The server allows for existing storage devices in field production to be connected and transformed into a single shared editing environment. As an option, the Platform Portable includes SSD storage for faster media access, in addition to the on-board spinning disc media.

On my last stop on Thursday, I visited Scale Logic, which develops and implements storage and networking infrastructure for broadcast environments. On the floor at NAB, they were a major player in enabling the networking and video distribution for the StudioXperience live auditorium. This was running off of the HyperFS SAN and Scale-Out NAS File System, Genesis DX2 RAID storage, and Genesis IAP HSM archive appliance.

I’d like to thank postPerspective, the Blue Collar Post Collective and DeSantis Breindel for bringing me out to Las Vegas. It’s easy to stick within one’s own niche of the filmmaking world, so I felt it was an incredible opportunity to get out and immerse myself in the almost overwhelmingly diverse world of post.

Will is an editor, artist and all-around creative professional working as a Post Production Coordinator for DB Productions in NYC.

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