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NAB 2015: Love and hate, plus blogs and videos

By Randi Altman

I have been to more NABs than I would like to admit, and I loved them all… I’ve also hated them all, but that is my love/hate relationship with the show. I love seeing the new technology, trends and friends I’ve made from my many years in the business.

I hate the way my feet feel at the end of the day. I hate the way that there is not enough lotion on the planet to keep my skin from falling off.  I extra-hate the cab lines, but mostly I hate not being able to see everything that needs to be seen.

And that’s where my 2015 NAB Show dream team comes in. Without them I truly couldn’t have done it. With them I was literally able to be in multiple places at once.

Barry Goch (@gochya) was tackling the show floor with a cool-ass green granny cart and the formidable Blackmagic Ursa camera in tow with a mic setup from MXL. Thanks Blackmagic and Marshall/MXL!

My bloggers saved my butt as well. Adrian Winter of Nice Shoes, Will Rogers of DeSantis Breindel and the BCPC, Tim Spitzer of Timescape,LLC, and audio expert Mel Lambert (@MelLambertLAmade sure I had eyes everywhere. You’ll see their work all over the postPerspective site. And Summer Kenney made sure my booth, blogs and sanity were managed expertly.

Below is a link to the NAB 2015 videos shot from the show floor. In addition to Barry Goch and his Ursa, I was wandering the floor with my iOgrapher rig. iOgrapher (@iographer) also let me shoot videos from their booth (see main photo) each morning using a multicam set-up, recorded and managed by the lovely guys at SwitcherStudio (@switcherstudio).

As they say, it takes a village:

Enjoy the videos, and please revisit this link in the coming days for more videos from NAB 2015.

One thought on “NAB 2015: Love and hate, plus blogs and videos

  1. Dave Frederick

    Hey RA
    I extra hate that we did not get to spend more time, but I am extra glad that we did get a bunch of quality minutes gossiping and sharing a few smiles.

    This all looks great, btw, I love the chatty flow and I will dive into it a bit tonight and as the days roll by….

    I am going to be at the Melville big hotel whatitsname weekend of 7/24 for my Plainview JFK HS 40th reunion. I am stoked. Lets figure on some dining!



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