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Michael Kammes’ latest ‘5 Things’ episodes takes on storage

By  Randi Altman

Anyone working in post and production these days knows just how important reliable storage is. But what do you really know about this ever-growing necessity? How do you know you are picking the right kind for the right job? Well in his latest videos Michael Kammes, who produces the Web series 5 Things sets out to answer that question and others.

Part 1, focuses on “SAN, NAS, Bandwidth and Connections,” and asked the questions: What is a SAN and NAS? What is bandwidth and why is it important? How much bandwidth does my video take up? How many streams of video can I play? What else do I need to know about bandwidth?

From Part 1

From Part 1

His just released Part 2, part of a three-part series, focuses on “Drives, Size, Spindles and Protection.” Kammes tackles these main points: What do I need to know about drives? How do I house my drives? What is a RAID and why should I care? How much storage do I need? What solutions do you recommend?

So why storage? Storage has never been more important than it is today, so it makes sense that Kammes is covering this, but why in this way? “The market is flooded with various shared storage solutions,“ he explains. “You can’t navigate South Lower Hall at NAB without tripping over one!  There are so many, in fact, that it’s often difficult to determine which is the right solution without knowing a fair amount of under-the-hood tech.

From Part 2

“To complicate things, the industry is also on the cusp of true remote collaborative editorial, which at its foundation is based upon shared storage. We’ve also seen several manufacturers deliver generic storage solutions, which have been shoehorned into video workflows or cheap, off-the-shelf DIY solutions that lack the performance in demanding production environments.  It was my goal to explain many of the factors in choosing a shared storage solution so my viewers could make an educated decision for their workflow. Due to the immense amount of factors involved, I broke the subject down into three episodes — and they still run long!”

Part 3 discusses “Permissions and Management”, and goes live next Tuesday. Kammes discusses the various ways the management software that sits on top of the storage makes it function in your workflow.  He touches on: What to look for, what to avoid and how to tailor your workflow to the restrictions (or features!) the shared storage solution has.

Many of you, especially those who follow social media, might already know of Michael Kammes (@michaelkammes). As his Twitter description says, he’s a director of technology and marketing (at Key Code Media), a workflow consultant, a product specialist, a sound editor, a pundit, a geek, former Chicagoan and current Angeleno.

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