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IBC Blog: herring and a wish list

By Chris Ryan

I arrived in Amsterdam on Friday at 2pm and was at my usual IBC hotel, The Grand, by 3pm. The Grand was originally a convent built in the 1400s and it’s beautiful.

After a quick refresher I went for a walk since the weather here is gorgeous, sunny and in the low 70s. My first order of business was to get in the proper IBC frame of mind and partake in one of my favorite Dutch treats, and I’m not talking about Cannabis. It’s Herring. Specifically “nieuwe haring” as you would say in Dutch.

Amsterdam is dotted with little herring shacks throughout the city that have various fish snacks and even hot dogs but they specialize in nieuwe haring, which is herring that’s been lightly marinated but is other wise uncooked.

From Wikipedia:

The soused herring (maatjesharing or just maatjes in Dutch, or matjes in German and Swedish) is an especially mild salt herring, which is made from young immature herrings. The herrings are ripened for a couple of days in oak barrels in a salty solution, or brine. The pancreatic enzymes, which support the ripening, make this version of salt herring especially mild and soft.

photo 1

The Herring is either sliced or kept whole and sprinkled with chopped raw onion and pickles. If served whole, it’s eaten by holding the fish by the tail, lifting it over your head and then lowering it into your mouth like Sylvester the Cat. That’s the pro way to eat Herring. The more refined way is to have the herring served sliced and on a small plate. It’s a delicious Dutch treat that gets your head ready to be flooded with tech info at the IBC show.

Sated and refreshed, I’m ready for IBC.  My goals for this year’s show are as follows:

1) Find replacements for our client plasma monitors. The issue is finding something in the 50-inch-plus range that has solid gray scale purity and that be calibrated to match our production OLEDs.

2) Continue research I started at NAB this year into end-to-end systems that can be used for color and finishing in one package.

3) Continue research I started at NAB this year into 4K monitoring.

Chris Ryan is a colorist and partner at New York City’s Nice Shoes.



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