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Larry Jordan offers discounted and tailored training to schools, students

By Randi Altman

Agoura Hills, California-based Larry Jordan & Associates, headed by industry vet and long-time trainer Larry Jordan, is now offering educational institutions as well as students discounted pricing and specially tailored training.

These discounts apply to tools professional editors are using out there in the world, including Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. Jordan and company will also make additional educational support materials available as well as the training.

On the heels of this announcement, we reached out to Jordan for some details.

What “additional support materials” do you provide students in your training?
We are currently investigating what teachers would find most helpful. But, based on my teaching at USC, we are preparing quizzes, course outlines and a list of additional resources students can access during the course. We are also providing media that the students can use to follow-along or for their own projects.

Can you elaborate on how you work with schools to tailor a training program to meet their unique/individual needs?
This really depends upon the program. For instance, the schools in Alaska are part of the ASTE (Alaska Society of Technical Educators), which is sponsoring the training for the September semester. Since this involves a number of different schools, we are configuring a program to meet the needs of the group.

Alternatively, for schools like Brunel University in England, they are simply providing access for their students to my Video Training Library. We are still developing the program and are very much open to suggestions.

Can you elaborate on the pricing models, and if it’s different for schools vs. individual students?
Pricing varies depending upon what schools want. For example, we can offer:
* Classroom-based online training on a weekly basis for an individual school or group of schools
* Access to our current Video Training Library on a classroom basis
* Custom, one-time-only online training for a specific event or classroom support

In both cases, pricing is dependent upon the number of students, what they need from us, and how much time is involved.


For additional details, Jordan is pointing people to his Website:

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