Audionamix – 7.1.20

Kodak, Cinelab London initiative helps preserve indie films

Kodak is launching an archival program in collaboration with Cinelab London focused on independent filmmakers in the UK. The Kodak Archive Package offers flat-rate pricing for film, digital recording and processing, allowing Kodak to work with independent content owners to deliver an archive master on film regardless of the original production format.

Through the Kodak Archive Package, filmmakers can get a single, affordable price for any title shot on digital or analog. The package includes film stock from Kodak along with Arrilaser recording, optical sound recording and lab-processing services from Cinelab London.

As the main point of contact, Kodak will provide a quote and single invoice to independent producers and content owners, saving them from the time-consuming process of pursuing competitive rates in the market. Filmmakers seeking to preserve content simply deliver the data drive (image and sound) of their final cut, and in return, they receive 35mm images and audio as separate elements for preservation.

Kodak plans to expand the Archive Package to other regions soon.

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