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Justin Martin joins Hush as technology director

Design agency Hush has added Justin Martin as technology director. A technologist who has worked in a variety of jobs — from programming and research to engineering and visual effects — Martin joins Hushafter spending the last two years at The Barbarian Group, where he last served as senior developer and worked with clients such as Google, Samsung, IBM and Intel.

“A lot of the work at Hush requires working with non-traditional mediums and integrating with technologies that require significant research and development,” the Brooklyn-based Martin says. “Having studied architecture and worked in diverse technological fields, I have a unique vantage point that allows me to talk concept, form and experience — but through the lens of practical and realistic execution.”

Along with his Barbarian Group background, which includes work on a 7K interactive retail experience for Samsung, Martin used his technical experience in research and engineering while at Look Effects for feature films such as Darren Aronofsky’s Noah and Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, as well as his favorite project, decoding a satellite’s telemetry data using only ‘70s-era mission manuals when it passed by Earth in 2014.

Founding partner/creative leader David Schwarz adds that Martin’s broad technical skill set provides something wholly unique to the experience design agency. “Justin has that impossible-to-find balance of qualities: deep, detailed knowledge mixed with the broader skill of being able to articulate that knowledge to our clients, peers, and partners,” he notes. “Having him involved allows us to begin solving complex challenges quickly and iteratively, and with an elasticity I’ve never seen at our company to date.”

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