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Jonathan Moser shares tips for Media Composer users

Long-time video editor Jonathan Moser, who has worked on such shows as Deadly Sins, American Gladiators, Dateline NBC and Making The Band, was recently kind enough to share some tips that he employs while cutting on Avid’s Media Composer. While also versed on Final Cut Pro, Moser calls Media Composer home.

1) When coloring clips in a bin for identifying, right/alt click on the color icon in the bin (which will open up the full range of the color palette rather than the measly 16 choices you get with the drop down Edit/Set Clip Color.)

2) I use an email folder called Avid to keep various iterations of clip formats with labels with all my tracks given specific names: ie: Audio 1 is NATSOT1, Audio 2 is NATSOT2, Video track 3 might be titles, etc. That way I can download them wherever I am. I also save my Avid user settings in that same folder.

3) In your timeline get rid of multiple effects by lassoing them and hitting delete.

4) I ask assistant editors to string out all individual clips in a bin so I can quickly scroll through them rather than load them one by one.. saves a huge amount of time.

5) Reopening a project that was previously closed with lots of open bins can take forever to load. To reopen that project with all bins closed, click on the project name, then hit enter and hold down the ALT key.  

6) I use a Logitech M510 multi-button mouse and assign render, trim mode, match frame, double-click (for loading clips) and other actions to the various buttons and wheel actions.

7) I assign “render all” to the Keyboard Page Down button and “match frame” to the escape button, as well as “subclip” and others to my F keys.

8) I find that blowing up images using Film > Blowup provides better resolution than Image > Resize.

9) For some strange reason I like eight-frame dissolves — don’t ask me why.


10) I set up a bin called Quick Transitions for my most often used effects (an old Avid trick) to force that bin to open up in my effects palette.


We hope these are helpful in some way. Keep an eye on this space for more Avid and editing tips in the future.

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