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IBC: Tangent showing entry level Ripple panel at show

For those of you who have envied Tangent’s color grading panels but knew it didn’t make sense to invest since grading might not be your main role, Tangent is developing an affordable option.

Tangent’s Ripple is the company’s new entry level panel, which is designed for the occasional colorist, editor and student. Ripple features three tracker balls that speed up primary grading. It is lightweight and offers a footprint small enough to sit beside your keyboard and mouse without getting in the way.

Tangent will be at IBC with pre-production prototypes, so they say there may be changes to the design before it goes on sale in early 2016 for an estimated price of $350 US.

Like all the panels from Tangent, it’s supported by the company’s Mapper software, which means you can customize what the controls do with any software that supports the Mapper. Ripple is already compatible with any grading software that uses the Tangent Hub — Resolve, Nucoda, Scratch, SpeedGrade and others. You can also use Ripple with the other panels from the Element range, including the element-Vs tablet app, so you can expand its functionality.

A rundown of the features:
• Three tracker balls with dials for masters.
• High-resolution optical pick-ups for the balls and dials.
• Independent reset buttons for the balls and dials.
• Programmable A and B buttons.
• USB powered with integral cable.

One of our reviewers, working editor Brady Betzel, is eager to give it a look.  “When cutting side projects, sizzle reels, or any other type of multimedia.  I always want to color correct the footage, but it gets tedious without a set of panels like the Tangent Elements. Just doing some quick superficial color correcting might not justify the price tag, but with the latest Tangent Ripple it gets affordable for everyone who dabbles in color correcting. I am really looking forward to playing with it, and at the lowest price for a panel it might just be the ticket for lots of editors and VFX artists.”


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