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IBC: Quantel and Snell, talk new products, upgrades, transition

In their first joint press conference since Quantel’s acquisition of Snell, the two companies shared the stage to talk about new products and how the integration of the two companies is moving along.

Ray Cross says it’s going very well, while announcing that Robert Rowe and Paul Martin have joined the Quantel board. Neil Maycock is now VP of product strategy. The two entities now also share a common sales team. And the goal, says Cross, is that all production will move to Newbury, Quantel’s main headquarters, by October 14.

Regarding product  news Quantel has updated software for Pablo Rio and Pablo PA.

Enhancements include:
Flow Motion motion-estimated speed changing – using advanced optical flow image motion analysis to produce brilliant slow and fast-motion results.

Long GOP XAVC import and soft-mount support up to 4K resolution – enabling Pablo Rio and Pablo PA to work with media from the latest generation of XAVC acquisition devices.

– Apple ProRes 4444 XQ support – import and soft-mount support for this new ProRes format, which provides an extra level of quality during extreme color grading, especially with High Dynamic Range material like Log C.

– Support for the latest Sony digital capture SDK – enabling Pablo Rio to work with S-log3 and S-Gamut3 colorspaces and profiles.

– Support for new ARRI SDK – including support for Open Gate formats, new colorspaces, 1.3x and 2.0x anamorphic lenses, Alexa monochrome, and various upscale formats including Quad HD and 4K.

– Export of fast-start QuickTime files – streamable files that enable viewing to commence before the export is completed.

– Re-softmount of localized media – provides maximum flexibility by enabling operators to go right back to the source even on material that has been localized into Pablo Rio’s workspace.

– AS-11/DPP Support – enabling Pablo Rio and Pablo PA to export AS-11 files for delivery in accordance with the UK DPP standardized delivery format for broadcast; AS-11 is also gaining favour with other broadcasters around the world, so this development will be of benefit to many Pablo Rio users.

– Support for UHD/4K on software Pablo Rio systems using the AJA Kona 3G card.

Also new is a software-only version of Quantel’s Qube craft editor, giving Enterprise sQ customers the choice to purchase Qube as a software or turnkey system. The software Qube supports the AJA Kona 3G for full HD and SD input and output.

Qube is a compressed software editing and finishing system that runs on standard PC hardware for use with Enterprise sQ fast-turnaround production systems. Qube delivers interactive working for SD, HD and Stereo3D projects. Because all Quantel editors share a common software foundation, Qube benefits from the same comprehensive color correction and finishing toolset as Pablo Rio, including conform, color, editing, effects, text, Paintbox and multi-format versioning. Qube handles the widest possible range of broadcast production tasks.

Qube works with formats such as XDCAM, P2, Red, Sony F55/65, XAVC, SStP, ArriI, GoPro and Canon, and will of course also edit directly with media held on the host Enterprise sQ system File-based media can be soft-mounted or imported locally, with finished results published to the sQ server.

Quantel Qube software

Quantel Qube software

Qube software can be operated either from a conventional keyboard and tablet, or can purchased with the Neo Nano color control panel to add complete interactivity for color correction sessions. Quantel’s motorized audio fader panel is also an option.

Snell introduced an all-new Kahuna switcher range. Kahuna 4800, Kahuna 6400 and Kahuna 9600 offer more speed and flexibility than before and with added 4K capabilities across the entire line.

Snell is also showing KudosPro-IQ, the next-generation KudosPro image processing and conversion platform, with increased flexibility and additional processing tools, as well as significant feature enhancements to the entire KudosPro converter family. Also new for IBC is the Kudos LC 300, single channel converter, offering competitive pricing and a compact format. KudosPro-IQ is available to customers today, while Kudos LC 300 is set to become available to purchase in November.

Main Image: Quantel Pablo Rio

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