Audionamix – 7.1.20

IBC 2015 Blog: Searching for eye candy in an 8K LED screen

By Tim Spitzer

Having come in on a red eye from New York and done my first few meetings, I wandered through the exhibition halls looking for eye candy because my brain was functioning on way too few cylinders. The most eye-popping thing I saw was a gigantic curved 8K LED cinema screen  at the AOTO booth in Hall 9. The detail and look was very engaging, and gave a sense of what high quality non-projection displays have to offer.  (Please note: The blown out highlights are my iPhone, not the screen.) I was impressed.

In the Emerging Technologies showcase, Professor Marek Domanski  of Poznan University of Technology in Poland, was demonstrating a “Free-Viewpoint” television system.  Based on a nine-camera set-up that was wirelessly synchronized, the free-viewpoint system allows viewers to navigate around a scene from virtual viewpoints extrapolated.  Each viewer navigates independently from a user terminal.  The technology can be used for monoscopic, stereoscopic or autostereoscopic displays.

photo 1

The technology, although in its infancy, has obvious value to medical imaging and interactive training, sports replay and analysis and performance viewing.  It is an interesting combo of real and virtual space without eyewear (except on stereoscopic displays).

Finally, Sweden’s Flowcine had an extraordinarily lightweight grip and stabilization rigs. Their combination of the Serene (removes step bounce),
Gravity, and Puppeteer were beautifully machined: Eye candy! Watching their combo rig in action was amazing; the cameraman looked like he had an exoskeleton.

Outside the show had an amazing Dutch meal at La Falote,  Roelof Hartstraat 26.  The chef and owner Peter is a wonderful cook as well as raconteur who makes you very welcome.

This was the best meal I have ever had during an IBC.

Tim Spitzer, principal of Timescape,LLC a post production services company, has been a fixture in the New York post production landscape establishing digital lab services, from dailies through digital intermediate finishing,  film scanning, library restorations and digital finishing for a wonderful worldwide roster of socially conscious and visionary filmmakers.