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Hula Post ups Josh Rizzo to CTO

Hollywood-based Hula Post Production, which provides equipment rental services including edit suites and workflow development to the post production and broadcast world, has promoted Josh Rizzo to chief technology officer. He will lead Hula’s technical direction, help develop business opportunities and oversee strategic planning for future service and support offerings.

Rizzo has been an integral part of the Hula Post Production team for over 10 years, including two years as VP of technology for Slate Media Group and eight years with Wexler Video. At Wexler, he served in a variety of engineering roles, lastly director of technology. He has worked with clients from the film, television, broadcast and advertising industries while focusing on the melding of production and post, providing workflow automation, media asset management and cloud collaboration solutions.

“Josh has played a vital role in Hula’s development and success,” says Hula COO Robert Nio. “His technical expertise, creativity and dedication to customer service have been the underpinning of our ability to remain at the leading edge of technology. We want to reward his service and take greater advantage of his talents and leadership skills by expanding his role.”

According to Rizzo, “The change in title reflects acknowledgment for work that I’ve been doing for all of my professional life — aggressively discovering and defining the puzzle pieces and then putting them together to offer complete streamlined solutions to an evolving need. The needs vary and so does the scope of discovery, from the very large heavy iron tools to home-brew start-up concepts.”

Looking forward, Rizzo sees the cloud as “an expansion of globally connected, location-agnostic collaborative tools. There is a philosophical saying in production that turns into an outright goal: ‘Put the money on the screen,’ meaning that if the dollar spent does not add value to the viewers’ experience, it can and should be cut. From hiring a talented actor or DP to providing the tools to support an HDR or HFR workflow, the pressure is on to eek every bit of value out of every dollar spent on the production, anyway possible. The transition to the “cloud” is a natural response to this pressure. Leveraging modern IT principals of multi-tenant resource sharing to eek out every bit of compute and storage out of the resources available.

“Our position as a technology-focused vendor presents the opportunity to help productions shorten the time needed to research and develop workflows from the enormous cross section of products on the market, as well as to shrink the learning curve for the crew by relying on a deep bench of experience from which to draw. I think you will see Hula continue to offer customers its best-of-class service and support for new and emerging technologies while helping to make the world seem a little smaller when facing globe — (and dollar) —stretching workflow challenges.”

Additionally, Rizzo has hands-on experience in cinematography, editorial and visual effects, as well as product design, software development and systems engineering.

He is also a friend of postPerspective, offering his unique technical expertise whenever he can to help us figure out what the next big thing is and what we should be covering. His input to this site has been invaluable. Congrats Josh!

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