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Howard Bowler’s Top 10: Why audio engineers should be respected

Howard Bowler is president and CEO of New York City’s Hobo (@hoboaudio), an audio post studio providing mixing and sound design for film, television, promo, spot, radio and web projects.

He is an industry vet who started in the business as a musician, sharing the stage with such bands as the Talking Heads, the B52s, The Ramones and Blondie. He found his way into record engineering and finally audio post.

A few months back, Bowler was a featured “Meet The Artist” on postPerspective. In addition to his audio talents, Bowler has a sense of humor.

So, without further ado, we bring to you, Howard Bowler’s Top 10 reasons why audio engineers should be respected!

10) They know the difference between analogue and digital.

9) They know how to set up your home theater surround system.

8) They know the difference between surround and stereo.

7)  Their friends get to say, “I know someone in the BIZ.”

6) Even when you tell them you have no money they still feel lucky to be doing what they are doing!

5) If you insult them, they just may release those private recordings you thought they deleted.

4) They tell the best bad jokes.

3) They can replace anything you say with sounds of farm animals.

2) They know the difference between 8-bit and 16-bit sound.

And the number one reason audio engineers should be respected…. because there is an Academy Award category for sound!

If you have a Top 10 list that you would like to share (keep it clean, people), feel free to submit it to randi@postPerspective.com.

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