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Hobo provides audio post for History doc ‘Lee Harvey Oswald: 48 Hours to Live’


New York – The documentary Lee Harvey Oswald: 48 Hours To Live, a two-hour special airing on History, is not a traditional documentary. Among other distinguishing qualities are its re-creations.

Directed, produced and written by Anthony Giacchino (based on the book by Steven M Gillon), Lee Harvey Oswald: 48 Hours To Live is a minute-by-minute account of the final two days of Oswald’s life – his attempt to flee, his capture by the police, and the interrogation by the Dallas police detectives prior to being shot by Jack Ruby.

The production is the first documentary to tell Oswald’s story by filming inside the Dallas Municipal Building, where the old Dallas Police Department was housed.  It’s also accurately portrays Oswald’s interrogation inside Captain Will Fritz’s actual office.

Says Howard Bowler, president of Hobo Audio (, which provided audio post and sound design for the project, “The challenge for us was to find the best moments to amp up the tension, and conversely, to know when to let other moments breathe. This, like our other work with History, is very rewarding thanks to the quality of their productions. It’s an honor to be a part of such a finely tuned storytelling process.”

Working with music licensed from the Extreme Music catalog, Chris Stangroom, Hobo’s senior audio engineer, headed the audio mix for the film, which included sound design, audio clean up of archival footage and ADR. For Stangroom, the key to the project was finding ways to match the powerful visuals shot by Giacchino.

howard and chris-3

L-R: Howard Bowler and Chris Stangroom.

“The film is so inspired visually, with moody re-creations of pivotal scenes and dramatic slow-motion footage that heighten the tension,” Stangroom says. “I felt I had to raise my game with the sound.”

For Giacchino, this project represents the fourth consecutive film he’s entrusted to Hobo. “Music and sound is such a big part of any film, and Hobo has great creative sensibilities — they never push it into cheesy, over-the-top ways,” Giacchino says. “I trust them and their audio judgment immensely.”

Gear used by Hobo includes a Mac-based Pro Tools HD 10 and plug-ins, such as Waves, DMGAudio – specifically EQuilibrium and EQuality – Altiverb, iZotope RX3 Advanced, Zynaptiq Unveil, and Pitch ‘n Time Pro.


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