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George Hagstrand’s Top 10: Why audio engineers deserve respect

George Hagstrand is a musician and audio engineer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He’s also co-founder of the production company Future Museum, which specializes in making videos for the web.

While Hagstrand’s specialty is in audio he recognizes the benefits of getting involved early in all aspects of the production process, from filming, searching for talent, graphics, animation and especially sound and music. He believes that understanding why creative decisions are made helps the entire process.

His audio life has been diverse, working behind a live sound console and a recording console, booming sound, hiding lavalier mics and sitting at the end of the line of audio post.

George Hagstrand

He was kind enough to share his top own Top 10 list of Why Audio Engineers Deserve Respect.

10. We know what the loudness button does on your stereo.

9. We know the difference between watching a movie and listening to a movie.

8. We know that the subtle changes in sound can make all the difference.

7. If it sounds good, it’s good

6. We know that when something is loud, it’s in perspective to something else

5. Cause we have feelings too…

4. We often enter the movie after a long and intensive creative process. Use our fresh view and listen to our opinion on more then the audio part.

3. We are just people trying to help you reach your goals.

2. We sit at an oversized desk with knobs that are blinking and moving. PLUS we know how to use it under high pressure with a lot of people in the room. So ask yourself this? Do you respect James T. Kirk?

And the number one reason why audio engineers deserve respect is…

1. Although we work with technical audio gear and digital software, we strive to make feelings and art come through those speakers.

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