SMPTE 2019 LIVE: Gala Award recipients

postPerspective was invited by SMPTE to host the exclusive coverage of their 2019 Awards Gala. The event was hosted by Kasha Patel (a digital storyteller at NASA Earth Observatory by day and a science comedian by night), and presenters included Steve Wozniak. Among this year’s honorees — Netflix’s Anne Aaron, Gary J. Sullivan, Michelle Munson and Sky’s Cristina Gomila Torres. Honorary Membership was bestowed on Roderick Snell and Paul Kellar. Don’t forget, click here to view!


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SMPTE 2019: One More Orbit director Terry Virts

Former astronaut and current filmmaker Terry Virts talks about making the documentary “One More Orbit,” which focuses on a pilot who wants to set the speed record for circumventing the globe. Another aspect of the film is documenting and putting the microscope on our changing environment.

Enjoy postPerspective and SMPTE’s coverage of the conference.

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