Sundance 2017: Oculus House VR for Good

During the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, the Oculus House had an event for their VR for Good initiative, described as “helping nonprofits and rising filmmakers bring a variety of social missions to life.” Oculus awarded 10 non-profits a $40,000 grant and matched them with VR filmmakers to make a short film related to their community and cause.

One of the films, Rise Above, was for the non-profit Womankind (formerly New York Asian Women’s Center) highlighting a young girl’s recovery from sexual abuse and the support and therapy she received from New York City’s Womankind.

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Greg Estes from Nvida

postPerspective visited with Greg Estes at the Nvidia booth during IBC 2014 and got a demo of their new Visual Computing Appliance. It’s 8 GPUs in a purpose-built box that is 4RU, which sits on a network. The demo shows Maya and Nvidia’s iRay rendering over a network.

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Forbidden Tech’s Stephen Streater

Forbidden Technologies was at its 10th IBC, showing updates to its cloud-based platform Forscene, including a new more editing friendly user interface with iPad and Android versions as well. Chief executive Stephen Streater says the current resolution of the product is 4X what is was a year ago. See for more IBC videos.

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Sparenberg from Fraunhofer

During IBC 2014 we visited the Fraunhofer booth, where they always have some pretty cool, new technology in the works. Hieko Sparenberg talked about the next version of EasyDCP (V3) and showed the Easy DCP player, which now supports the IMF format and offers a subtitle function. For more IBC 2014 news visit

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Venera Technologies’ Vikas Singhal

Venera Technologies’ Vikas Singhal was at IBC 2014 announcing Pulsar Pay-Per-Use (PPU), a new addition to its Pulsar automated file-based QC system. Pulsar is a file-based automated QC system designed to automate content QC seamlessly at various stages in the content workflow, such as ingest, archive and playout.

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