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ftrack 3.2 intros Nuke Studio integration, expands Actions framework

This summer, ftrack will release version 3.2 of its cloud-based project management platform for the creative, visual effects and animation industries.

ftrack 3.2 will include integration with Nuke Studio, a move that puts The Foundry’s entire file-based workflow into an asset-based workflow for ftrack users, thus eliminating the need to use the file system. Instead artists will get off-the-shelf access to creative project management.

Also, with the crew tab and chat feature, coordinators, producers and other users will be able to communicate with their fellow team members via text and video chat. The chat feature is intended to break down communication barriers and reduce bottlenecks so that information can go directly to relevant crew members.

In addition to the Nuke Studio integration, ftrack 3.2 will see upgrades to the platform’s Actions system, which allows users to integrate processes, automate repetitive tasks or create file system structures. Designed to increase efficiency, the improved Actions functionality will give developers the freedom to implement their own tools, customize parts of the UI and request additional information from the user before the Actions run (e.g., email addresses for report recipients).

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