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Framestore takes home VFX BAFTA for work on Gravity

London — Framestore has been awarded its second Special Visual Effects BAFTA, for its work Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity.

The film was celebrated with numerous awards, including one for Cuaron for Best Director, and Emmanuel Lubezki who won Best Cinematography. Gravity also won Outstanding British Film, Best Original Music and Best Sound.


“It has been a great year for film in general and the other films that were nominated (and many that weren’t) were full of marvelous work, so to be awarded the BAFTA for Best Special Visual Effects is a real privilege and honor. And, having been nominated for four BAFTAs but not won before, it is a very special personal moment for me,” said the film’s VFX supervisor Tim Webber.

Framestore (http://www.framestore.com) oversaw Gravity’s visual effects, which make up around 80 percent of the film, with Tim Webber, CG supervisor Chris Lawrence and animation supervisor David Shirk collecting the award alongside special effects supervisor Neil Corbould and executive producer Nikki Penny.

In his acceptance speech Webber said, “Thanks to Warners for choosing to make this film, which on paper must have seemed like a crazy idea – because it was a crazy idea! Thanks to David Heyman for his support, and a massive thanks to all the crew at Framestore for their incredible talent and dedication. To George and Sandra, because without their amazing performances all the visual effects in the world would have been pointless and empty. And muchas gracias to Emmanuel Lubezki for his genius and his charm, and most of all to Alfonso Cuarón for his unbelievable vision with his son Jonas and his incredible courage in trusting us to make such a large part of the movie.”

Top photo caption: BAFTA winners Chris Lawrence, David Shirk and Tim Webber.

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