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FilmLight at NAB with Baselight 5.0

FilmLight, which makes management and grading technologies, is at NAB 2016 with Baselight 5.0, a new version of the company’s flagship color finishing system. Baselight 5.0 includes a new set of tools to optimize both high dynamic range (HDR) grading and extended color gamut, and offers more than 50 new features designed to help colorists and other creative artists.

The new Base Grade tool improves color grading techniques by giving colorists access to subtle grading. Moving away from the traditional lift/gamma/gain approach, it offers controls that accurately mimic the way the eye appreciates color — via exposure, temperature and balance — to yield a more natural feel and smooth, consistent changes. Because Base Grade works in a perceptually linear space, it is ideal for grading RAW formats, OpenEXRs, and other scene-referred data for both HDR and standard range displays

Baselight 5.0 also features added HDR capabilities through color space “families” that simplify the deliverables process for distinct viewing environments such as television, 4K projection and handheld devices. Gamut optimization provides natural gamut mapping deliverables and prevents clipping when captured colors can’t be displayed on a cinema or television screen.

A new gamut optimization feature in Baselight 5.0 provides simple-to-implement gamut mapping for wide dynamic range images, which form part of the new generation of HDR displays. As new high-end cameras capture colors that could never be displayed on current television screens, this feature offers an easy fix, providing natural gamut mapping for deliverables. Where an HDR image results in colors outside a standard color gamut, the new gamut compression feature sensitively brings it back in, compressing the outer volume of the gamut without affecting the inner volume. Bright, saturated colors won’t clip or destroy the image.

Additional Baselight 5.0 tools tailored to improve colorists’ creative control and efficiency include a perspective operator that makes screen replacement and re-projection easy; perspective tracking of images, shapes, paint strokes and grid warps using either four 1-point trackers or new perspective-capable area tracker; a grid warper; a dedicated keyer for production-quality blue and green screen keying; a paint tool for retouching, such as logo removal; a relight tool to add virtual lights to a scene; and a matchbox shader including support for Flame Matchbox shaders.

Building on the concept of metadata-driven grading, in which the raw footage remains untouched and realtime viewing uses color metadata to render the grade, Baselight 5.0 allows facilities and freelancers in remote sites to browse any scene independently or lock into the master suite and follow a grading session live. The remote colorist can take over and suggest changes, instantly reflected on the other systems.

Baselight 5.0 will be available for all BLG-enabled products from FilmLight, including the Daylight dailies and media management platform, as well as Baselight for Avid and Baselight for Nuke in the Baselight Editions range.

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