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European editor Martin Leroy heads to LA for Whitehouse Post

Edit studio Whitehouse Post, with offices in NYC, LA, London, Amsterdam and Chicago, has brought Martin Leroy on board at their Los Angeles studio. A 10-year veteran, Leroy has worked all over the world editing work for brands such as BMW, IKEA, Adidas, Ford and Audi.

This Belgian-born editor’s portfolio spans commercials, music videos, documentaries and short films, editor has established relationships with directors worldwide, including Raf Wathion of SKUNK, Koen Mortier of Czar Films, and Arnaud Uyttenhove of Caviar.

“Martin is one of the most sought-after editors in Europe and we are delighted he is making the move to join us in the States,” says Whitehouse Post managing partner David Brixton. “His ability to craft beautiful and emotional visual narratives is exceptional. This coupled with his unparalleled technical skills and knowledge of visual effects makes him the perfect partner for big brand campaigns.”

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