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DS is dead, long live DS


By Barry Goch

LOS ANGELES — When the news came of DS’s demise I was in shock. It’s as if a dear friend who’s been sick for a while finally passes. I knew it was inevitable, but that doesn’t take away the pain. Who am I to speak of pain when it’s just a software application, right? Well, for the folks that got it, and unfortunately there aren’t enough of us, it’s a huge loss. Not just professionally, but on a deeper level.
“…the passion comes from being so impressed with an all-encompassing bit of software.”Tony Quinsee-Jover , HDHeaven.com

In the DS there is the “one tool to rule them all” — creative editorial, effects, compositing, and color grading. It was born from a talent ahead of his time, with a vision for a “Digital Studio,” a place where creative talents could fully express themselves in the new digital world.

“When I first saw it in 2004, it was the first time I’d been truly excited by what an editing/FX tool could achieve.” — Kristian Whitlock | Online Editor | Avid DS + Smoke

It had so many features ahead of its time, so many tools, so much depth, it’s what got me excited about the unlimited possibilities of working with digital video…and that was version 2.1!

“In my opinion, nothing compares to the all-in-one editing/graphics environment within DS.”Sean Bates, Senior Editor, Levy Production Group
For example, in the graphic module you have and incredible vector-based paint engine with a tracker built into each individual paint stroke. Further, you could use a stack effect where you ceffects-tree01effects-tree02ould add in multiple effects like a blur, color correction, and grain (and more) inside one animateable vector-based paint stroke… and have all of that be one node in an effects tree, which could then be the source of the next effects tree.

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