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Doug Trumbull helps kick off Devil & Demon Strategy Gen 2

By Randi Altman

A year ago, Silverdraft introduced its Devil & Demon Strategy at a Halloween party on the Henson lot in Hollywood, where the company is based. Since that time pros have been putting those tools to the test in real-world environments, including on the daily Web show YouTube Nation.

A year later, Silverdraft is offering the next-generation of its Devil & Demon Strategy, which is a line of high-performance, custom computers designed and optimized for the media and entertainment industry. The Strategy consists of the mini-supercomputer the Devil, the Demon workstation and the high-performance workstation The Devil’s Advocate, which uses supercomputing technology.

Silverdraft is celebrating these updates at their Second Annual Halloween Party, this Saturday night, November 1, on the Henson lot. The event will be streamed live from 7:30-9:30pm PST and features a chat with Doug Trumbull via LiveStream. Viewers will be able to ask Trumbull questions via Twitter (@TheDevilDemon).

Prior to that conversation those who tune in for the live stream will see live demos of Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve on a 2nd Generation Demon DSPi, running 5K Red footage in realtime; Motion Analysis is going to talk about how they use their new tech pipeline, which allows them to capture face, hands and body simultaneously, on the Demon; and, finally, The Foundry’s Nuke Studio will be shown operating as a realtime, high-res compositing station on a Devil supercomputer.

Just a bit about Generation 2: the new releases offer an overall speed increase on both DSPi (single proc) and DMPi (dual proc) workstations, with systems pushing 5GHz and up to 72 threads. Other features in the line will include a Thunderbolt 2 interface, 3400MHz DDR4 quad-channel memory with 68GB/s RAM access and up to 512GB of memory. Demons will also include four PCIe 3.0 slots and direct SSD interface with up to 32Gb/s data rates.

“We’ve had great success with our first generation systems,” says Devil & Demon Strategy president Ted Schilowitz.” We felt we had something unique, both with our Demon workstations as well as our Devil supercomputer line, but it wasn’t until we got feedback from some of our clients like YouTube and Tempus Energy, and confirmed just how fast the systems were working for them, that we felt we had hit the target. With our second generation we’ve found opportunity to make systems even faster, provide more cores and add requested features such as Thunderbolt. These are all things clients asked for, and we were eager to respond.”

Regarding having Trumbull at their Gen 2 launch event, Schilowitz adds, “Our company is all about what’s next: The next solution for systems, ways to ‘future proof’ clients with cutting edge technology like the Devil, for example. Doug Trumbull fits right into that mindset. He has always been a guy on the edge of technology, his eye on what’s next. Doug’s talk will be a little bit about what is next in his mind, but we also intend to open the floor, as it were, to both the attendees as well as the LiveStream audience to ask their own questions via Twitter handle. It should be an exciting addition to the unique offering we already have planned, including realtime Nuke Studio on one of our Devils.”

The Demon is pictured above. 

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