Audionamix – 7.1.20

Director Justin Harder joins production/post house Golden

Los Angeles-based production and post studio Golden has signed director Justin Harder to its roster. Harder, who has a background in design, will serve as both a commercial director and a creative director at Golden. He will continue to helm both animation and live-action spots.

Golden’s multidisciplinary approach, which fuses high-end live-action production, design, animation, and visual effects, appeals to Harder. “It feels right to be part of a highly selective roster, while having the support of a larger studio with more 3D and VFX firepower. I’m here because my work really aligns with Golden’s vision and needs.”

This Chicago native, who studied graphic design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, often creates pencil drawings and full-scale props. “I’m into the mechanics of things,” he says, “I don’t always rely on computer graphics to give the work a personality, to bring it to life. I live by the credo ‘Make Something Everyday and Make Everyday Something,’ and if that means getting down and detailed, I’m in. It’s all about making something innovative, something exciting.”

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