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Digital Nirvana updated Trance 3.0 for captions, transcriptions

Digital Nirvana has released version 3.0 of its Trance cloud-based application for closed captioning and transcription, which combines STT technology and other AI-driven processes with cloud-based architecture. Implementing cloud-based metadata generation and closed captioning as part of their existing operations, media companies can reduce the time and cost of delivering accurate, compliant content worldwide. Users can can enrich and classify content, which enables more effective repurposing of media libraries and facilitating more intelligent targeting of advertising spots.

“Trance 3.0 includes a new transcript correction window, a text translation engine that simplifies and speeds captioning in additional languages, and automated caption conformance to accelerate delivery of content to new platforms and geographic regions,” says Russell Wise, SVP at Digital Nirvana. “Even now, with the widespread need to work from home, Trance 3.0 users can maintain their productivity in prepping content for distribution on platforms such as Quibi, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and others.”

A new transcript correction window simplifies the process of reviewing and correcting the transcript used to generate closed captions. The user interface shows time-synced video and captions side by side in a window along with tools for editing text and adding visual cues, music tags and speaker tags. Dictionaries, scripts, rosters and other text resources ingested into Trance help to boost the accuracy of a transcript and, ultimately, the closed captions applied to video. Source text can be automatically translated into one or more additional languages, with the resulting text displayed in a dual-pane window for review and correction.

New caption conformance and quality assurance capabilities within Trance 3.0 allow users to configure captions according to style guidelines of each distribution platform, ensuring streaming services do not reject content just because captioning doesn’t match up with their internal caption style guide. Users configure and apply presets for target platforms, and Trance 3.0 automates caption formatting — number of characters, number of lines and caption placement — in accordance with policies defined in the appropriate preset. The resulting captions are displayed in a captioner window for final comparison to video. Once captions have been reviewed and approved, the file is used to generate the multiple output formats required for distribution.

Trance 3.0 completes the closed-captioning processes from end to end, generating a project management layer that centralizes tasks and minimizes the need for manual  intervention. The project manager can configure roles and priorities for different users and then set up individual projects by identifying necessary tasks, outputs and deadlines. Trance automatically handles the movement and processing of content, transcription, translation and captioning and tracks the productivity, workload and availability of different staff members. It also identifies the most appropriate person to task with a particular job and delivers notifications and alerts as needed to drive each project through to completion.

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