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Dell Precision M3800 gets 4K UltraHD screen, other updates

By Dariush Derakhshani

Dell has announced today that their super slim mobile workstation will host a number of impressive updates. The Intel i7 CPU-based M3800 has been billed as the thinnest and lightest 15-inch mobile workstation and originally debuted in October 2013 to much excitement. I spoke with Dell about the updates to the laptop recently, and I thought the best update is to their high-end screen option: a jaw dropping 4K UltraHD resolution at 3840×2160.

Furthermore, the screen is made of Corning Gorilla glass and has 10-finger touch capability. Unless you have three hands, I doubt you’d need more touch-capability than that. On top of that, you can drive up to two external displays with the Nvidia Quadro K1100M discrete graphics card (or three displays via a USB dock!). Discrete graphics are important to workstation performance, and the Kepler-based K1100M should do a very good job even compared to desktop workstation standards. I look forward to detailed benchmarking in the near future to report on how well it holds up under pressure.

Precision M3800 Image 1

In addition to the new screen option, Dell has added Thunderbolt 2 integration, which opens up a very large world of expansion and connectivity options due to its high bandwidth. You can configure the machine with Windows (7 or 8.1) or Ubuntu Linux (for developers, there is a specific Developer Edition available, too). They have also increased storage options, with a maximum of 2TB on internal SSD-based storage. You can always opt for a mechanical hard drive as well, but what’s the fun in that? As a matter of fact, the M3800 has more configuration options than before but starts at a reasonable $1,699 price tag. Dell was careful to consult with professionals in all their markets (from Media and Entertainment to Engineering and Design) to get what the pro market wants into the new M3800, without changing dimensions or weight, and I appreciate that.

This should make professionals who need to travel (which is quite possibly everyone in this day and age) quite happy. I’ve always been on the lookout for a small fast workstation class machine I can tote with me to classes or on set easily, and the past year or so has really opened up that world. The Dell M3800 seems poised to make my options brighter, on top of what looks to be a super impressive 4K display to boot. I can’t wait to put it through its paces…

Precision M3800 Image 2

You can get more information from Dell’s website directly here.

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