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Codex offering compact camera-to-post package Action CAM

London — Codex  will be at NAB 2014 with Action CAM, an ultra-compact, all-in-one, digital cinema camera and recording package for 2D and 3D stereo production — it is scheduled to ship this summer.

Codex Action CAM, designed as an action/POV camera for use on spots, television and film productions, is an high-definition shooting, capture, transcoding and data management solution for situations that need a small camera with low weight.

Codex Action CAM is capable of shooting RAW at up to 60fps and resolves the common issues of syncing associated with small format camera solutions. Multiple camera heads can be in sync with other main unit cameras like the Arri Alexa.

The camera head measures 45x42x53mm, and the Codex Camera Control Recorder is 83x139x188mm. A camera set, consisting of the recorder and two camera heads, weighs 1.5kg. A single coax cable connects the control/recorder unit and camera head, carrying video, control signals and power. Using industrial-grade cables, the recorder/control unit and head can be up to 180m apart.

With 13.5 stops of dynamic range, 14-bit image-processing, a 12-bit RAW output and Codex’s debayering, Action CAM works well in normal and extreme lighting conditions. It uses Kodak 2⁄3-inch CCD sensors, which provide excellent light sensitivity, low signal-to-noise ratio, temperature stability and no visible fixed-pattern-noise. A global shutter means there is no distortion of fast-moving objects.

The Codex Camera Control Recorder can be used to operate the camera head and adjust white balance, exposure index and frame rates. HD-SDI video capture formats include 4:4:4 and 4:2:2. Delivery formats, via Codex Dock or Vault workflows, include Apple ProRes 4444/ ProRes 422 HQ and Avid DNxHD 444/422, uncompressed and H.264.

For lenses, Action CAM offers C-mount plus EF, PL and B4-mount options, giving cinematographers a wide choice of glass options. A special mechanism, consisting of a sturdy locking lever, firmly securing the adjustment, and an accurate back focus wheel that rotates independently of the lens mount, make Codex Action CAM back focus adjustment quick, easy and precise.

Along with 2D production, Codex Action CAM can also be used in stereo 3D applications. Two camera heads can be connected to the Codex Camera Control Recorder, and the signals undergo identical image-processing — delivering completely synchronous 3D stereo output and identical image properties, such as white balance and contrast.  Shutter sync, Genlock and LTC capabilities allow Codex Action CAMs to be easily synchronized with other digital cinematography cameras.


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