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Cinematic pro camera system for VR from Jaunt

Jaunt, a company focusing on content for virtual reality, has launched a series of professional-grade camera systems designed for capturing fully immersive 360-degree cinematic VR experiences. The new Neo series facilitates high-quality, high-resolution capture using custom optics designed for 3D light-field capture, large-format sensors with superior low-light performance and a fully synchronized global shutter sensor array.

Neo offers turn-on-and-shoot simplicity for capturing spontaneous events while also providing full manual control. In addition to 360-degree capture, the camera system supports high dynamic range (HDR) imaging, as well as timelapse and high frame rate (HFR) capture. It features a 360-degree industrial, design by Lunar, and housed in a compact and weatherproof form factor, Neo offers an extensive tool set for configuration, rendering and asset management.

According to CTO Arthur van Hoff, “We have been experimenting with off-the-shelf components for the past two years, and we have learned a lot. The Neo camera is the result of this research and fixes many of the challenges that we encountered. It allows us to produce high-quality cinematic VR experiences reliably and quickly.”

Van Hoff went on to say that thanks to their own camera, the company “will be able to record in more situations that were previously challenging because of bad lighting or fast motion. It will greatly reduce the post production cost of VR experiences by providing higher quality captured data.”

The first Neo camera systems will be available to partners in August 2015, with production to scale up later this year. With the Neo camera system, Jaunt Studios, which was launched in May and develops and produces cinematic VR experiences in collaboration with creative filmmakers, will scale up production of professional-grade VR content.

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