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Canon developing lightweight 4K projector for 2016

Canon is developing an LCOS projector that they say is capable of displaying video and still images at a resolution up to 4,096×2,400 pixels with 5,000 lumens of brightness. This level of definition surpasses the 4,096×2,160 pixel resolution of 4K digital cinema.

Thanks to ongoing advances in image quality and definition made possible by the introduction of a growing number of 4K production tools, Canon is using its proprietary optical technologies to make its entry into the 4K projector market in 2016.

Canon is developing the 4K projector as a new model within its REALiS series that achieves high brightness, ultra high-resolution and is also has a compact and lightweight body.

Equipped with three ultra-high-definition 4,096×2,400 pixel LCOS panels, the Canon 4K projector under development is being designed to support the projection of bright, HD content that “exceeds the resolution offered by 4K digital cinema.” While increases in brightness performance for projectors commonly requires larger lamps and cooling systems, resulting in increases in projector body size, Canon’s proprietary AISYS optical system hopes to deliver a 5,000 lumens performance while making significant reductions in body size and weight.

Additionally, the projector will feature a newly developed 4K wide-zoom lens capable of projecting large images from a short distance, as well as an optical focusing function that enables the projection of images on curved-surface screens.

Canon does want to remind people that since the product is currently under development, specs and availability might change.

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