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Blackmagic updates Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K with 3D LUTs, more

Blackmagic Design’s new software update for the original Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K camera adds localization for 11 languages, the ability to embed custom 3D LUTs in Blackmagic raw clips, new customizable frame guides and improved behavior for function buttons. The update also adds improved compatibility for embedded audio on SDI outputs, better jam sync timecode functionality and much more.

Blackmagic Camera 6.9.3 Update is available now as a free download from the Blackmagic website.

Users can now embed custom 3D LUTs in Blackmagic raw clips, which helps to streamline production workflow. 3D LUTs can be directly embedded as metadata within the Braw file, making it easy to display the images with the intended “look” to maintain creative consistency through post. When working with software such as Davinci Resolve, it’s easy to access the 3D LUTs for editing and color correction, as they always travel with the Braw file.

This update also adds new features that Ursa Mini Pro customers have requested, such as the ability to disable the HFR button to prevent accidentally changing the frame rate between shots. The HFR button can now also be remapped, as can the VTR and return buttons on Cine servo PL and B4 lenses. In addition, customers can now lock timecode to the SDI input, jam sync timecode is maintained between power cycles, and the ND filter icon is always visible on status text when in use.

The Blackmagic Camera 6.9.3 Update adds support for 11 different languages so it can be used internationally. The camera can be set to English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. It’s easy to switch to another language so users can share their camera with other crew. When customers switch languages, all on-screen overlays, setup menus and monitoring information will be displayed in the selected language instantly.

Audio improvements mean users can now choose between -18 or -20dB audio alignment levels. Sidetone adjustment for talkback allows camera operators to speak loudly in noisy environments while keeping their voices mixed down in their earpiece. Line level XLR input signals can now also be adjusted, and audio meters have improved ballistics.

Blackmagic OS has been updated and now adds ⅓ stop ISO increments to the ISO slider, as well as the ability to quickly switch media from the heads-up display. In addition, new 2:1, 1:1 and 5:4 frame guides have been added, along with the option for custom frame guides. An improved, more intuitive media formatting interface means users are less likely to accidentally format a card.

The Blackmagic Camera 6.9.3 Update also adds general performance improvements and greater stability when using external reference. In addition, auto exposure speed and performance has been improved, and so has playback of renamed clips.

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