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Benchmark Post opening in Todd-Soundelux Burbank location

Benchmark Post, a new and independent audio post production company targeting film and television work, has set plans for a fall 2015 opening of its newly acquired Burbank facility, previously occupied by Todd-Soundelux.

“We are thrilled to re-open the doors of one of the industry’s most iconic sound studios and look forward to welcoming fellow talent and clients with a new audio destination in the city of Burbank,” says Pedro Jimenez, re-recording mixer and founder of Benchmark Post. “Our facility will offer a fresh and innovative approach to post production sound with an environment that supports the talent and enhances the creative process.”

Pedro Jimenez

Pedro Jimenez

Prior to this move, Jimenez owned Benchmark Sound Services, a full-service audio facility specializing in theatrical trailer mixing and editorial for motion picture marketing, located on the Universal Studios lot. This move allows him to take on additional types of work. The facility will offer audio post services for feature films, television, documentaries, movie trailers and foreign markets, including Spanish-language Latin entertainment.

Renovation plans for the Burbank location include remodeling two mix stages, adding a third mix stage and converting the current 3,000-square-feet vault into client editorial suites, bringing the total space to nearly 20,000 square feet.

Benchmark Post will also implement industry-leading technology including Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro, IMAX, 4K video projection with 3D capabilities and the latest Avid hardware and software, including dual-operator System 5 mix consoles.

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