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BCPC hosting documentary editing panel as fundraiser

The Blue Collar Post Collective (BCPC), a grassroots organization that supports emerging post talent, is presenting “Editor Conversations v1: Cutting and Recutting the Documentary Scene,” a four-person panel discussion featuring experienced documentary editors such as Mona Davis (Frontline), Dena Mermelstein (Strickland), Mariah Rehmet (Stretch and Bobbito) and Zac Stuart-Pontier (The Jinx).

“We’re excited to announce this as the first of a series of editor conversations that will give people access to masters of the editing craft, in the intimate and friendly environment that the BCPC is known for,” says BCPC co-president Janis Vogel.

The event takes place on March 17 at Technicolor Postworks in New York City. Get tickets here.

“This event is a fundraiser to support the Blue Collar Post Collective Professional Development Accessibility Program, which will enable low-income members of the post community to have equal access to important industry events that are otherwise inaccessible due to cost,” says Vogel.

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Panelists Mona Davis, Zac Stuart-Pontier and Mariah Rehmet.

Each panelist will screen a short scene from their body of work; first, they will show something from the early rough-cut stage and then the same scene at a later fine-cut stage.

They will also discuss the process of scene revision: how to talk about it with your director, how to see a scene with fresh eyes, how to reshape content, what that means for the overall narrative and how to make this a successful process.

All four panelists have a deep well of experience in theatrical, broadcast and web post, and will take questions from BCPC members in the audience.

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