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BCPC blogging for postPerspective from NAB, sets date for post-show event

The growing grassroots group made up of New York-based young post professionals, the Blue Collar Post Collective (BCPC), will be having its post-NAB meet-up on April 23 in Manhattan.

BCPC member William Rogers (pictured above) will be at NAB in Las Vegas, blogging for both the BCPC and postPerspective. In addition to reporting what he sees at the show, Rogers will be live tweeting while in Vegas and he’s encouraging you to tweet to @BCPCollective and suggest companies and product demos to visit. Rogers will then provide feedback via social media.

This is Rogers’ first NAB, and he’s pretty excited to experience the show first hand while also sharing his findings with others. For our part, postPerspective is excited as well.

“I feel privileged to be able to bring my voice to NAB on behalf of postPerspective, while also representing the young professionals of the grassroots initiative that is the Blue Collar Post Collective. I’m entrenched in the post production world, so my entire week in Vegas will be spent geeking out at all of the latest editing and finishing tech. Toys aside, I’m eager to see the keynote by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who was the champion of enacting the latest national legislation for preserving an open and collaborative internet in America.”

At the event in New York on April 23, a handful of companies who were exhibiting at the NAB Show will be at BCPC’s Las Vegas-themed party showing off their products. Each participating vendor is also donating products, equipment and subscriptions to a fundraising raffle.

Check out the BCPC on Facebook.

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