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Autodesk upgrades Flame, Maya and Max to 2016 versions

Autodesk has released updated versions of its Maya and 3ds Max 3D animation software tools. Maya 2016 includes improved animation performance with a parallel evaluation system that takes advantage of the CPU and GPU to increase the speed of both playback and character rig manipulation. The look and feel of the tool has been updated, and Maya 2016 includes new capabilities in the Bifrost procedural effects platform that enable realistic liquid simulations.

The latest version of 3ds Max includes a new node-based procedural content creation toolkit. Users can extend 3ds Max with geometric objects and modifiers, and they can package graphs and share them with other users. With renovations to XRef, users can externally reference objects to scenes and animate/edit material on the XRef object in the source file without having to merge the object into the scene. The tool’s design workspace provides access to object placement, lighting, rendering, modeling and texturing tools to create high-quality stills and animations.

In addition, Autodesk is releasing new versions of its Flame and Flame Premium 3D visual effects software. New features include an interactive GPU shader toolkit for 3D color correction, the ability to apply Matchbox shaders to texture maps/textures for image treatments without leaving the 3D compositing scene and color management workflow enhancements. Through tighter integration with Shotgun, users can send shots to other apps/exchange formats, share content for review/approval and load Shotgun projects into Flame.

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