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Meet the Artist: Jay Bond

Behind the Title…

This Creative Director/Editor likes toasted bread, mornings, and his day job.

Jay Bond

NAME: Jay Bond

COMPANY: I have two: and

For freelance, I primarily edit broadcast drama, docu-drama and other series work. For main titles I run a collective called Oily Film Company that designs titles sequences for TV and film.  We’ve been nominated the past two years at SXSW and were fortunate to win in 2012. Continue reading

Assimilate offers free Scratch Play app for tablets, more news to come in fall

scratch play
SANTA CLARA, CA – Assimilate has launched Scratch Play, a free media player that supports a range of camera formats, including RAW footage found in VFX and editorial pipelines in addition to popular among prosumers and seen on the Web. It’s now available for Mac OS, Windows and Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets.
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Meet the Artist: Alejandro Damiani

Behind the Title…

This director/creative director, likes the quiet of daybreak, the satisfaction of completing a project and microwave ovens.

Ale Damiani_small

NAME: Alejandro Damiani

TITLE:DAparato, as a production house, specializes in VFX and character animation. We started in 2008 with the crazy idea of making high-quality VFX. What started out as a great challenge has now become a reality. Director/Creative Director at post house Aparato  and Commercial Director at The Cortez Brothers in Los Angeles. Continue reading

Meet the CEO: Michael Cioni

Behind the Title…

Michael Cioni is a CEO who likes to get out there and talk to clients and the industry. He loves that the job allows him a continuing education, and is a believer/user in Final Cut Pro X.

Michael Cioni headshot

NAME: Michael Cioni
COMPANY: Light Iron with studios in LA and NYC (@light_iron)

Light Iron is a progressive post house specializing in media management from on-site dailies to digital intermediate to mastering and archiving. Our solutions leverage technology to give filmmakers creative freedom and control.

The business card says “CEO”, but I’m really just another brain working alongside some of the brightest and talented innovators in the industry. Continue reading

Review: HP Elitebook 8770w mobile workstation

Bunim Murray Assistant Editor Brady Betzel (@allbetzroff) puts the HP Elitebook 8770w mobile workstation through its paces.

Brady and Atticus at Zoo

I began my life on an Apple IIgs, if anyone can remember what those were. It ran at a blazing 2.8MHz, 1.125 MB of RAM, harnessing an astounding 640×200 resolution in Super-High Resolution mode! I remember playing Wheel of Fortune from a 5.25 floppy drive and dancing to the dot matrix printer sounds. But I digress… I think if I saw that same image now I would think it was a cool 8-bit effect someone had created in Adobe After Effects.

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