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Audio houses Squeak E. Clean and Nylon Studios have merged

Music and sound studios Squeak E. Clean and Nylon Studios have merged to form Squeak E. Clean Studios. This union brings together a diverse roster of artists offering musical talent and exceptional audio production to agencies and brands. The company combines leadership from both former houses, with Nylon’s Hamish Macdonald serving as managing director and Nylon’s Simon Lister and Squeak E. Clean’s Sam Spiegel overseeing the company’s creative vision as co-executive creative directors. Nylon’s founding partner, David Gaddie, will become strategy partner.

The new Squeak E. Clean Studios has absorbed and operates all the existing studios of the former companies in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Austin, Sydney and Melbourne. Clients can now access a full range of services in every studio, including original composition, sound design and mix, music licensing, artist partnerships, experiential and spatial sound and sonic branding. Clients will also be able to license tracks from a vast, consolidated music catalog.

New York-based EP Christina Carlo is transferring to the West Coast to lead the Los Angeles studio alongside Amanda Patterson as senior producer. Deb Oh is executive producer of the New York studio, with Cindy Chao as head of sales. Squeak E. Clean Studios’ Sydney studio is led by executive creative producer Karla Henwood, Ceri Davies is EP of the Melbourne studio, and Jocelyn Brown is leading the Chicago location.The company is deeply committed to strong support of the Free the Bid initiative, with three full-time female staff composers already on the roster.

“I always admired the ‘culture changing’ work that Squeak E. Clean Productions crafted–like the Adidas Hello Tomorrow spot with Karen O and Spike Jonze’s Kenzo World with Ape Drums (featuring Assassin),” says Lister. “These are truly the kind of jobs that are not just famous in advertising, but are part of our popular culture.”

“It’s exciting to be able to combine the revolutionary creativity of Squeak E. Clean with the outstanding post, creative music and exceptional client service that Nylon Studios has always offered at the highest level. We love what we do, and this collaboration is going to be an amazing opportunity for all of our artists and clients,” adds Spiegel. “As a combined force, we will make music and sound that people love.”

Main Image: (L-R) Hamish Macdonald, Simon Lister, Sam Spiegel
Image Credit: Shruti Ashok


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