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Artist David Lewandowski has some fun with ‘Late For Meeting’

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LOS ANGELES — David Lewandowski is an LA-based, director and animation artist, whose work includes the animated graphics and opening title sequence for Tron:Legacy, as well as the animated graphics for Oblivion.

He also recently created many of the animations and visual effects on the surreal Tiny Tortures video, starring Elijah Wood.

In late October, Lewandowski released the short film Late for Meeting (http://www.dlew.me/late-for-meeting), which is a companion piece to his 2011 short film Going to the Store (http://dlew.me/going-to-the-store).

According to Lewandowski, the first film featured “a silly, disjointed journey through Sunset Park in the traditions of dadaism and provided a level of surreal humor.”

In Late for Meeting, the unnamed man has somehow reached East Los Angeles, now traveling through the areas of Highland Park, Glendale, Cypress Park and Eagle Rock, California.



He took the time for a quick chat….

Where did your inspiration for this come from? 
I’ve always been fascinated with game asset engines breaking and poorly executed or work-in-progress visual effects.  I felt like there might be an appetite for that sort of comedy and visual effects.

This project Late for Meeting is a companion piece to your previous short film, Going to the Store. This new one seems to have more of a story than your last.
It’s an escalation, it’s a way to challenge myself without just repeating the exact same joke note for note. I was trying to surprise the viewer while giving them something that is the same yet different.  This character is more about tone and silliness than story, but the hints or suggestion of his life outside the frame felt effective.

Can you describe how you achieved the character?
He’s originally from the stock content browser library that comes with Maxon Cinema 4D, modeled by Matthias Bober.  The first time I met him he said “You. You ruined my model.”

LFM 1b_905

Can you talk about the other effects featured? What tools were used?
I animated using Cinema 4D, track and matchmove was via Mocha and PFtrack.  For the render I used IBL or Physical Sun with VRay for Cinema 4D. Compositing and editing was with After Effects and a handful of keying and comping plug-ins.

What is your day job? Company and types of work?
I sometimes direct commercials, sometimes VFX supervise or animate with my friends.  I try to do boring, creatively bankrupt stuff that pays well deliberately — so that it keeps me excited and enthusiastic about doing art the rest of the time. I got really complacent and was treading water when I did motion graphics, had tricked myself into thinking I was satisfying my creative needs — when truly I was strangling them.

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