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Altermedia’s WebGlancer free until January 1

In September, Altermedia updated its studio management software to Studio Suite Xi, with a focus on accessibility — from anywhere and any device. One of the features bundled into Studio Suite Xi is called WebGlancer, which allows an unlimited number of users the ability to securely view Studio Suite data and lets you log time into the Projects module and submit project requests — without having to purchase or occupy additional seat licenses.

Since the launch in September, WebGlancer has been in beta and free to new customers. The company has announced that the beta program is coming to a close on January 1, 2015, and they will begin charging for this feature.

If you’re a current Studio Suite Xi customer, you already have WebGlancer, so there’s nothing you need to do. However,  if you’re considering Studio Suite Xi, or if you’re a current customer with an older version of Studio Suite, now’s a good time to upgrade. Starting January 1, WebGlancer will be out of beta and selling for $1,200.

SSXi Screenshot - Projects copy

Here’s more information on Studio Suite Xi:

– Web, iOS and Desktop Accessibility:  Studio Suite Xi is accessible everywhere, creating a seamless experience, transitioning easily between desktop and tablet or smartphone when portability is necessary (web and iOS accessibility is available on Network solutions only).
– New Modern Calendar:  Completely rebuilt, the Calendar includes Resources, Projects, Tasks, Employee Schedules and Daily Notes, giving users immediate visibility into their workflows and timelines.
– QuickLog:  Allows staffers and freelancers to log their time into Projects from anywhere, on any device, for free, without occupying a seat license.
– Enhanced Media Management:  Improved media asset management now includes automatic storage of media assets on a shared server, automatic folder naming, intelligent backups, the ability to link those assets to Contacts and Projects and the ability to access this data from anywhere.
– Budget Organization:  Improvements to AICE and AICP Production Budgeting, Project Groupings and Reporting.
– Notifications:  Email, SMS and Twitter alerts help users stay on top of Projects and Tasks, as well as equipment maintenance issues.
– New UI:  A refreshed interface offers a clean, simple and intuitive user experience.

Studio Suite Xi runs on Mac, PC, iOS and any browser. With the ability to integrate with Final Cut, Avid, Pro Tools, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, MYOB, AccountEdge, Address Book, iCal and Google Calendar, it syncs and runs cooperatively with many of the other systems you use.

Studio Suite Xi is available immediately as a stand-alone perpetual license, with assisted installation, Annual Support and customization available.

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