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AlphaDogs provides finishing for indie film The Dark Places

Burbank — Director Jody Wheeler recently turned to AlphaDogs to finish his feature film The Dark Place about a series of mysterious events in the life of Keegan Dark, who has the ability to remember everything that happens to him in videographic detail.

AlphaDogs colorist Sean Stack completed color correction for the film in DaVinci Resolve.  A round-trip workflow was required to conform files from FCP X into Resolve.  Stack took extra care in scrutinizing the clips for any potential problem areas before meeting with the client to set the tone and style for the film. “This was the first time we’ve delivered a project at this level with this many requirements, across both visual and sound,” said Wheeler. “AlphaDogs experience served as a wonderful touchstone. They identified some areas we hadn’t seen and, even better, already had fixes in place that were easy to implement, keeping us on track and within our budget.”

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Audio for the film included balancing the sound effects and dialog, along with sound design on key scenes. Curtis Fritsch was the audio mixer for AlphaDogs. “With a 5.1 surround mix alone that’s six different audio files just for the full mix.  This doesn’t include other deliverables, such as separate music, special effects, and dialog, which gives you quite a few tracks by the end, especially if you are delivering in stereo as well.”

The Dark Place was written, directed and produced by Jody Wheeler at Blue Seraph Productions with producers, J.T. Tepnapa and Carlos Pedraza and distributed by Shoreline Entertainment.

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