Audionamix – 7.1.20

ADX Trax’s audio separation software now available

LOS ANGELES — Audionamix has releases of ADX Trax, an audio separation software built on the company’s proprietary ADX technology.

ADX Trax separates full mixes into two audio files: a vocal track and its accompanying music track. This cloud-based technology allows musicians, mixers, audio engineering professionals and producers to attain better vocal isolation for a number of creative applications.

According to Rick Silva, VP of production and product manager at Audionamix “We’ve designed Trax to be a user friendly tool for speeding up the labor-intensive task of creating vocal isolations and instrumental tracks. By utilizing the power of cloud computing, the process is now automated for quick, high-quality results.”

ADX TRAX features intuitive navigation and editing tools in an environment that is familiar to all DAW users. The software has the ability to perform separations on mono, as well as stereo recordings, and it is compatible with multiple file formats, bit depths and sample rates.

Specific to the software, ADX Trax provides users with a vocal volume control feature. This is a valuable option when lead vocal levels of a mixed music track need to be adjusted for various commercial applications.

Additional software features address reverb, and an A/B button provides the ability to refer to the current refined pitch guide, as well as return to the automatic separation and associated pitch guide.

ADX Trax is client and cloud-based audio separation software designed for Max OS (10.6 or later). It is intended for use with owned or licensed content, or content obtained from the public domain, and may not be used to violate any law, including copyright laws.

An annual, prepaid software license for ADX Trax begins at $240. Audionamix is offering a 20% discount to anyone who purchases the software through February 28. There is also a free seven-day trial available for anyone who signs up by January 31. After that, it will be a free three-day trial period.

You can download ADX Trax at


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