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About postPerspective

When we started postPerspective in 2013, we had one goal in mind: To foster a new community for the people whose work has held our unflagging interest — the people of the post production and production industries. Now our website averages more than 40,000 unique visitors per month.

Founded by industry veteran Randi Altman, postPerspective draws on 20-plus years of insight and expertise, combined with a wealth of connections and deeply founded relationships. Our website, postPerspective Update newsletter, special features and custom events encourage sharing, understanding and analysis of the techniques, technologies, products and companies that shape our industry and support the work of its artists.

Since its launch, postPerspective has emerged as a leading voice in the post and production communities. This ever-evolving industry is filled with incredibly talented artists, whose goal is to push the creative and technical boundaries to produce the best work possible. It’s our job at postPerspective to help tell those stories, share intelligence, detail best practices and highlight the work of these talented professionals.

Randi Altman - The Big Cheese


Randi has been working in and reporting on the post industry for more than two decades, and she’s a respected authority on technology and how it’s used.

As editor-in-chief of postPerspective, she works as a crucial bridge between the post and production communities and the technology companies that serve them. Her dedication to telling the stories of creative talent is renowned throughout the industry.

Randi lives on Long Island with her family, and dedicates her spare time to cheering on the New York Mets.

Dayna McCallum - Head of Stuff


Dayna’s roots in the post production industry are deep, with a career that spans almost 20 years. She has worked with some of the industry’s leading companies, but she’s a “facility gal” at heart, having worked with Company 3, Encore, Westwind and Todd-Soundelux, among others.

As publisher of postPerspective, Dayna drives the strategic direction of the company, supports our events and offerings, and liaises with our sponsors. She also serves as west coast editor for the publication.

Dayna is working on her second career, after enjoying an earlier career working on Broadway. She is based in Los Angeles, but still roots for the New York Mets.

John F.K. Parenteau - Pixel Pusher


An entertainment industry veteran of over 30 years, John has worked in all aspects of production and post production throughout his career. An accomplished visual effects supervisor, John’s credits cover a wide range of projects, including Sin City, Ghost Rider and Hunger Games. He has also earned an Emmy Award for his work on the pilot of Star Trek: Voyager.

In addition to visual effects, John is an accomplished filmmaker and writer, producing projects under his Lucamax Pictures banner. John also teaches race car driving. He lives in Los Angeles.

Letter from our Editor

When I first started writing about the post production industry 20 years ago, technologies like color correction and compositing were still in their infancy. It was the heyday of the million-dollar post room, which was just beginning to go digital. Avid had introduced its nonlinear editor; SGI was bringing out its huge storage boxes; Discreet launched Flame and battled with Quantel for share in the compositing market.

This is the world I stepped into as a former English/Journalism major in my twenties, and which I’ve been in love with ever since. At the beginning it was fascinating just to listen to the industry’s people, learn from the inside, and get a glimpse behind the curtain where all this movie and TV magic was being made. All these years later, that hasn’t changed. My favorite part of being editor of postPerspective.com is still interacting with this wonderful group of professionals, hearing about their work, and sharing their enthusiasm for it.

Of course, the industry has changed in many ways over the years. The revolution in technology that was already underway 20 years ago has brought the industry tools that allow it to be more creative. The brilliant minds of engineers have opened the industry to the brilliant imaginations of artists, who have ever more accessible tools at hand. Trying new things gets easier and easier.

The revolution in communications has made a tightly knit community even more collegial. With social media and the Web, the barriers of time and space have fallen away. Post is one of the industries that has benefited from this shrinking world through greater interaction and a stronger sense of community.

Yet, there’s still no better way to get to know people than actually spending time with them face to face, and that’s where I come in. I spend a lot of my time attending industry events—such as product sneak peeks and trade shows like IBC or NAB—touring post houses and moderating panels. Between scouring the Web for the latest work and writing about the industry, the best part of my job is meeting with the people from the post studios and technology companies, learning what’s new, what’s important, and thus serving as another pair of eyes and ears for you—the reader.

In return, I have one request: Please tell me what you’re doing so I can share it with others and they can learn from that story. Post isn’t just an industry, it’s an art, and your fellow artists are thirsty for your stories—how you got into the business, how you succeeded, what you would have done differently, how you go about doing your job, how you approach projects, and how you work with clients. If there’s one thing we’ve all learned, it’s that the more you know and the more you share, the healthier it is for the whole community.

Thanks for making me feel like such a welcome part of it.

Randi Signature