Audionamix – 7.1.20

AATranslator tool updated for additional compatibility

By Cory Choy

The new beta of AATranslator v6.3.287 has been released and is designed to help pros transfer audio/video projects across multiple platforms. Product makers like Avid and Adobe are constantly updating their tools — Pro Tools, Media Composer, Premiere and Audition — and that can cause compatibility issues. That’s where AATranslator comes in.

AATranslator allows for export of stereo AAFs and additional PTX support, among other things, but more on that in a bit. This is sure to please post sound pros like me, who like to be able to use their tool of choice and still remain compatible with industry standards.

AATranslator, developed by Michael Rooney of Suite Spot, was originally created to allow him to send Adobe Audition (which sprung from the wildly popular Cool Edit Pro) sessions to a mixer using Pro Tools. It has since developed into an extensive session conversion program. That makes it an integral tool for anyone who needs to move a session from one DAW to another, and for anyone who wants to use their DAW of choice for sound design and mix for video edited on an NLE.

AATranslator is utilitarian. Rather than waste time on a fancy-looking GUI, AATranslator focuses on functionality and ease of use. How do you use it? Select the file format you are importing from the top. Select the file format you’d like to export to at the bottom. Click “Generate Output.” Voila! You’re done.

The enhanced version, which supports OMF, AAF and PTX and is therefore necessary for most pro users, costs $199.  While AATranslator is written for PC, Mac users can run it using Winebottler, and the developers will send detailed instructions about how to do it upon request.

AATranslator currently converts sessions to/from Ableton Live, Ardour, Audiofile, Audition, Auria, Cool Edit Pro, Capture, Cubase, DAR, Digital Performer, Fairlight, Final Cut Pro 7 and X, Harrison Mixbus, Hindenburg, iMovie, Lightworks, Logic and Logic Pro (via OMF and AAF), Media Composer/Adrenaline, N-Track, Nuendo, Paris, Premiere, Pro Tools, Pyramix, Reaper, Sadie, Samplitude/Sequoia, SAWStudio, Sonar (via OMF), Soundscape, Soundtrack Pro, Studio One, Studio Live, Symphony, Tascam MX2424, Tascam X48, Tracktion, TripleDat, Vegas, Waveframe and Wavelab.

Cory Choy using AATranslator while working from home.

The newest update sports these shiny new features:- AAF: Apart from a huge number of fixes and DAW-specific changes, AATranslator can now export stereo AAFs.
-AES31/ADL: The new software fixes a number of Sadie-specific issues and can now read Dalet ADLs and better deal with poly channel media.- Ableton Live: A lot of improvements in this area, including the ability to read Live 10 sessions.
– Ardour/Mixbus: Many improvements, including support for poly channel media when converting to Mixbus.- Pro Tools: Many additional details extracted from Pro Tools sessions and Meter, Tempo and Marker descriptions written to PTX files.
– Can now read Audacity, Premiere Pro, SAW 64-bit, StarTrack, Tascam MMR-16, Tascam X48 and TripleDat sessions.
– Many more improvements and fixes related to Hindenburg, Final Cut Pro, OMF, OpenTL, Pyramix, Reaper, Audition, Vegas, Samplitude, Cubase, Nuendo, Studio One and Tracktion.
– Improved support for poly channel media.
– Reduced conversion time for some formats.
– Added a sample rate converter.

Cory Choy is a New York City-based sound mixer with over 17 years of experience. He won an Emmy Award for his work on ABC’s Born To Explore and is a partner at Silver Sound.

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