Audionamix – 7.1.20

Aardman Nathan Love adds director/designer Ellen Su

New York-based animation house Aardman Nathan Love has grown its team with the addition of director/designer Ellen Su. This NYC native and School of Visual Arts graduate started her career as an intern at Pixar. She then went on to work as a designer, animator, director, illustrator and 3D/visual artist at The Mill, Psyop, R/GA and Moonbot Studios. Aardman Nathan Love founder/ECD Joe Burrascano knows Su well. He was her thesis advisor at SVA, and she has since served as a freelancer there.

While working at these many VFX/animation studios, Su cultivated her skills as a director with projects including her animated short film Spacebound, as well as the national education project The Great Thanksgiving Listen, which was featured on Google’s homepage.

“I think with any project you take on, you learn management skills,” says Su. “You become more aware of all the different things that you need to do to finish something. That’s why I think you should always be working on something. And when you finish, start something else. You learn from your mistakes and shortcomings on the previous project and you do better on the next one. It is also just really gratifying to say you want to do something, jump right in to do it, and come out the other end with a finished product like, ‘Wow. I did this.’”

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