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David Dozoretz

David Dozoretz headshot

Name: David Dozoretz

Company: Persistence of Vision

Describe Your Company: Whether we are creating visuals for Pitch-vis, developing an investment packet or working side by side with a director or producer during the previs process or following through in Production-vis or Pre-vis, it’s all about quality work.

What’s your job title? Previsualization Supervisor

What does that entail?

On a business and procedural level, includes interfacing with the clients, which means studios directors and producers and working with artists to complete our work on schedule and on budget. On a creative level, I get to design dynamic shots and sequences and edit them together in the creation of exciting action sequences.

What would surprise people the most about what falls under that title?

Many people don’t realize (or don’t want to) just how much we do to contribute to the film.  I can point to entire action sequences in films that are frame for frame what we designed and edited even before they shot anything. Yet, previs still is the black sheep of the industry, with our artists rarely getting individual screen credit.  It’s something we’re trying to change.

Favorite part of the job?

Definitely when we design something that is novel and compelling. And seeing the final product come out so close to our work.

Least favorite part of the job?

Sometimes there’s the need to do the same thing over and over with finer and finer levels of noodling. We prefer previz to be more about the big picture, the ‘blueprint’ of the sequence, and we prefer to leave the tiny details to the talented visual effects artists.

Favorite part of the day?

Actually, I like interacting with my artists as we frequently come up with great ideas on the fly.

If you didn’t have the job you do know, what would you like to do instead?

I’ve spent some time as Chief Creative Officer of a tech start-up. I love both technology and the entrepreneurial spirit.  I would return to that under the right circumstances.

What are some of the most recent projects you’ve worked on?

Now You See Me was one of which we’re very proud. There were no superheroes, but it was an unusual story with talented filmmakers and actors.  We liked it because it was unusual. And happily it did well at the box office.

Name three tools you can’t live without.

I’ve never really used the iPad for anything more than watching movies and reading books. I’ll still use my MacBookPro for the majority of my work.  It can do anything. Other tools I love are Skype and my iPhone.


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