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Whitehouse editor Lisa Gunning moves from London to LA

Whitehouse Post editor Lisa Gunning has relocated from the company’s London headquarters to its Los Angeles office. The move allows her to cut more long-form projects in addition to her spot work.

Gunning’s arrival at Whitehouse LA coincided with her editing the feature film Newness for commercial and narrative director Drake Doremus. The film was completed in only three months and premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Well known for her commercial work, Gunning wrapped Adidas’ Basketball Without Creativity starring James Harden for frequent director collaborator Stacy Wall in late 2016. In recent years, she has also teamed up with Wieden+Kennedy, 72 and Sunny, Y&R and BBH to work on brands including Nike, Corona, Landrover and Johnnie Walker.

Regarding her decision to relocate, Gunning explains that LA offers an opportunity to expand her commercial portfolio and cater to her long-form interests. “I feel like I’m in the epicenter of where my work is based now.”

Along with her spot work, Gunning has lent her editing talent to films including Nowhere Boy, Seven Psychopaths and Fifty Shades of Grey.

In addition to editing, Gunning has grown her directing skills with several projects, including three short films in collaboration with Nowness and Mini and multiple music videos. “Directing is great for editing, and what I learn on commercials is great for working in long-form,” she explains. “The varied experiences make me a better director and editor because I’m able to empathize with all of the processes and think of them as a whole, as opposed to just one side of it.”

Lobo opens NYC animation studio, EP Luis Ribeiro at helm

Lobo, a São Paulo-based design and animation studio, has opened an office in New York, its first US location. Industry veteran Luis Ribeiro has been named partner and executive producer of the New York office, where he will spearhead all of Lobo’s US operations.

Brazil native Ribeiro has a diverse resume that spans 25 years of work in the US. Most recently, Ribeiro was executive producer at Framestore NY, where he oversaw business development for the studio’s four main integrated advertising divisions. Prior to that, he worked as the US consultant for FilmBrazil, was new business developer at Whitehouse Post and VP of the Latin Division for Deluxe Entertainment. He also held MD and VP of biz dev positions at Speedshape, Method Studios, Beast and Co3.

Founded in 1994, by Nando Cohen and Mateus de Paula Santos, Lobo offers a range of media and techniques, including 2D animation, stop motion, 3D, VFX and live action.

Whitehouse Post vet Kristin Branstetter upped to EP of Chicago studio

Edit house Whitehouse Post has promoted Kristin Branstetter to executive producer of its Chicago office. Branstetter began her career with the Chicago studio in 2002 as a producer. In 2006 she was upped to senior producer and in 2010 headed out west to Whitehouse’s LA office.

She has worked on campaigns for major brands, including Toyota, Buick, Nissan, Nike, Coke, McDonald’s, State Farm, Anheuser-Busch, Allstate, Wrigley and Walmart. Branstetter’s new title became official on December 15.

“We are very excited to welcome Kristin back to Chicago,” says Chicago partner/editor Matthew Wood. “Kristin’s previous background in our Chicago office and her depth of experience with the company make her uniquely positioned for this role in leading our office.”

Miami native Branstetter is a University of Missouri-Kansas City graduate.

Editor Trish Fuller talks about rocking the vote

By Randi Altman

How do you reach out to America’s youth and get them to vote in the mid-term elections? You call on some of today’s hottest musicians and actors to offer up a director plea — get out the vote.

Whitehouse Post editor Trish Fuller was called on to edit the Brody Baker-directed and 1985-produced Rock the Vote PSA from agency Starworks Group called Turn Out For What, which uses humor and quick cuts to grab young people’s attention.

The piece, shot on Red, starts off with rapper Lil Jon on the phone telling Whoopie Goldberg that he can’t talk because he is on his way to vote in the mid-term elections. The piece then transitions to a polling place where actress Sophia Bush is seen grabbing a ballot followed by Lil Jon, who finds actress Lena Dunham and her fitness trainer in a polling booth. Dunham cheerily states, “That’s how we do it in Hollywood, we vote with our trainers.” Lil Jon goes on to ask Dunham about the next season of her show Girls, wondering who ends up with who romantically. And that’s just the start of the fun. Watch the full PSA here:


Along with the humor and music, there is a frenetic montage meant to match the energy of Lil Jon’s Turn Down for What music video spliced with celebs, including Fred Armisten, dancing — sometimes in slo-mo — and declaring the reasons they showed up to the polls. Student loans, the legalization of marijuana, the environment, and gay rights are all causes featured as Fuller’s fast-paced, well-timed cuts pulse with an energetic call to action.

Editor Trish Fuller, who cuts on Avid Media Composer, says she was given about an hour and a half of footage, which was loaded in just one day.

But prior to getting the footage Fuller had a conversation with director Baker about the story structure. “The middle had to feel like a music video and we wanted it to be as fun as possible. Brody shot some over-cranked footage of the various actors and performers. He was really great about letting me have the freedom to play around with speed and how things played out.”

whp-rockthevote2 whp-rockthevote3

In general, Fuller said the PSA came together pretty quickly. “We played around with the end transition a bit, but the process went pretty smoothly.”

The PSA tackles a serious subject but in a fun and humorous way, and Fuller says that all happened pretty seamlessly. “Luckily, the song is upbeat and the footage is so funny to start with that it didn’t make my job too difficult. What’s not to love about Lil Jon?!”


European editor Martin Leroy heads to LA for Whitehouse Post

Edit studio Whitehouse Post, with offices in NYC, LA, London, Amsterdam and Chicago, has brought Martin Leroy on board at their Los Angeles studio. A 10-year veteran, Leroy has worked all over the world editing work for brands such as BMW, IKEA, Adidas, Ford and Audi.

This Belgian-born editor’s portfolio spans commercials, music videos, documentaries and short films, editor has established relationships with directors worldwide, including Raf Wathion of SKUNK, Koen Mortier of Czar Films, and Arnaud Uyttenhove of Caviar.

“Martin is one of the most sought-after editors in Europe and we are delighted he is making the move to join us in the States,” says Whitehouse Post managing partner David Brixton. “His ability to craft beautiful and emotional visual narratives is exceptional. This coupled with his unparalleled technical skills and knowledge of visual effects makes him the perfect partner for big brand campaigns.”