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At SIGGRAPH 2016, postPerspective TV shot interviews at our booth and around the show floor, all in an effort to deliver SIGGRAPH to those who couldn't make the trip to Anaheim and to help catch-up those who were at the show but couldn't see everything.

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ILM's Vick Schutz

At the SIGGRAPH 2016 show, we checked in with ILM's Vick Schutz, who was computer graphics supervisor on the film Warcraft.

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Silverdraft: Richard Edlund
and Amy Gile

Industry icon Richard Edlund (Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Alien) sits on the board of Amy Gile's Silverdraft, makers of supercomputers that target our industry.

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Quantum: Dave Frederick

At their very first SIGGRAPH, Quantum's Dave Frederick filled us in on the company's storage, which targets VFX, animation and VR.

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Zero VFX: Robert Nederhorst

Zero VFX's Robert Nederhorst talks about their new studio and providing visual effects for The Magnificent Seven and Ghostbusters.


Thinkbox: Chris Bond

Thinkbox's Chris Bond fills us in on his new product, Vero, which is a visual effects bidding package.

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OptiTrack: Brian Niles

Brian Niles walks us through a demo of OptiTrack's new VR technology - wide area tracking of VR.

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