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A Conversation: Lady Bird director
Greta Gerwig and editor Nick Houy

By Amy Leland

There are moments in my work when I get to have special and unexpected experiences. One of the most recent ones was a chat I had with director Greta Gerwig and editor Nick Houy about their collaboration on Lady Bird, which is actress Gerwig’s directorial debut.

The critically beloved film — which was nominated for four Golden Globes — follows a high school senior from Sacramento, California, trying to navigate her last year at home, her tumultuous relationship with her mother, boys and her quest to get away from it all.

Lady Bird is such a personal and welcoming story. Ultimately, it was no surprise to find that Gerwig and Houy were so open and giving in their discussion of the work and their collaboration.

This was your first time directing. Were you driven because of this story or have you always wanted to direct?
Gerwig: I wanted to direct for a long time, but I didn't go to film school. My film school experience became what I did on set, both in front of and behind the camera as an actor, but also as a writer, co-writer and producer, and anything else anybody would let me do. I had been working in films for 10 years when we started Lady Bird. It felt like that was long enough for film school and time to go ahead and make a movie.

When I started writing Lady Bird, I didn't necessarily know what it was going to be. The story started as a sort of hunch, and then I wrote into that. Once I had a draft that I thought was a pretty good piece of writing, that's when I knew it was now or never. I thought, well, "You've written something that you like and you've always wanted to do this.” But it wasn't until after I had written it that I really embraced the idea that I was going to direct it. I kind of had to do it one step at a time.

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