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Creating VR audio workflows
for Mars 2030 and beyond

By Jennifer Walden

Everyone wants it, but not everyone can make it. No,
I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about quality virtual reality content.

Let’s say you want to shoot a short VR film. You’ve got a solid script, a cast of known actors, you’ve got a 360-degree camera and a pretty good idea of how to use it, but what about the sound? The camera has a built-in mic, but will that be enough coverage? Should the cast be mic'd as they would be for a traditional production? How will the production sound be handled in post?

Tim Gedemer, owner/sound supervisor at Source Sound in Woodland Hills, California, can help answer these questions. “In VR, we are audio directors,” he says. “Our services include advising clients at the script level on how they should be shooting their visuals to be optimal for sound.”

As audio directors, Source Sound walks their clients through every step of the process, from production to distribution. Starting with the recording on set, they manage all of the technical aspects of sound file management through production, and then guide their clients through the post production sound process, both creatively and technically.

They recommend what technology should be used, how clients should be using it and what deals they need to make to sort out their distribution. “It really is a point-to-point service,” says Gedemer. “We decided early on that we needed to influence the entire process, so that is what we do.”

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Talking with new Shade VFX NY executive producer John Parenteau
By Randi Altman

John Parenteau has been named executive producer of Shade VFX’s New York studio. Shade VFX provides feature and television visual effects, as well as design, stereoscopic, virtual reality and previs services.

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Review: Rampant Design Tools
FCP X plug-ins

By Brady Betzel

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been diving into FCP X and testing out some new tools that work within the editing system, including Rampant Design Tool’s FCP X plug-ins.

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This DIT talks timecode
sync, action scenes

By Peter Welch

AJA ships updated Hi5-Fiber mini converter for HFR

MPC LA moves to Culver City, expands MPC Film

Steve Foster joins Deluxe Toronto's sound team

GoPro's new Omni VR system now available

Shipping + Handling adds Luca Giannettoni as CD

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